Les Beehive – Marilyn Monroe by Ed Feingersh in NYC in 1955

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Anonymous said: if only you were in shape....

I don’t know what’s that meant to mean, did I ever say I was in shape?

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Anonymous said: What do you use for your eyebrows????

Some cheap ass eyebrow set from Superdrug, times are tough

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Anonymous said: you're really gorgeous and so on point especially with your style I wish I was that well put together I look like a 12 your old with huge boobs 99.9% of the time. wish I could look half as nice as you :/

I’m sure you’re beautiful, no need to wish, but if it makes you feel any better I look like a 12 year old too most the time apart from I have tiny boobs! ♥

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Anonymous said: you should post a picture of your butt xx

Nah, it needs toning up xx

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